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You deposit  

After valuing your goods, we agree a sale price and draw up a sales contract.

You remain the owner of your property up until the moment it is sold

We sell 

Your items are put on sale in our showroom. After one month, if your goods have not sold, you have 2 choices

1/ You come and collect your goods, free of charge

2/ The initial sale price is reduced by 10 % each 30 days, in order that the item sells more quickly

Money in your pocket 

 Once your item is sold, we take a 35 % commission

There are no hidden charges - depositing your goods with us is completely free !

You may deposit with us Tuesday to Friday, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. - maximum 20 items per deposit.

Our specialist knowledge of second hand goods and a proven track record of over ten years, together with 1,000 sq. m. of showroom space, means that we can display your goods to advantage and thus realise the best possible price for them. Over 8,000 depositors have already placed their faith in us - so why not join them ?

For all large items of furnitures or white goods, we suggest that you drop by with photographs (or send them to our e-mail address at in order that we may give you a sales estimate prior to moving them

Collection and delivery service available : please ask for details.




ABCD'AIRE  -  RN 43 62120 Aire sur la Lys